Chris Durham

Chris is well-rounded filmmaker with experience in several on-set and post-production capacities, but spends time mainly as a screenwriter and sometime-director. Chris founded Constant Cinema to be  a studio and production company for his own projects as well as to help independent filmmakers accomplish more with less. He is Texan by birth but was an Angeleno by nature long before moving to Southern California.

"Mainly, I just love movies. I don't understand the jaded cynicism that people approach movies with these days. It's like they go into the theater looking for something to be disappointed with. I think it's because we've all seen it all before, and that's fair. 'Same thing, only better,' can only go so far and then it just gets worse. I want to find different ways to tell stories, give people something they haven't seen before, or show it to them in a different light. We've only had a century of cinema and that's just not long enough for there to be any good reason for people to be bored."

When not writing or working on film projects, Chris is an avid powerlifter, gamer, and enjoys stills photography.