Murals from the High Line

I went for a walk this weekend on the High Line to take some photos. If you don't know, the High Line is this really cool little park in Manhattan. What they did was take an out-of-use elevated subway line (I don't know that it should be called the SUBway when it's elevated, but whatever) and converted into a park. It's around a mile long, running from 30th down to around 10th I think, but most of it's only about 20 feet wide with about a 6 foot wide path for walking on. It's a pretty cool way to view the city. Unfortunately, it's still low enough that you don't get great cityscapes; but there were some nice murals along the way

A Kiss in Chelsea by Chris Durham (constantcinema) on
A Kiss in Chelsea by Chris Durham

Squint by Chris Durham (constantcinema) on
Squint by Chris Durham