Vamp X and Gen Con

Next month I'll be fulfilling a dream I've had for most of my life - I'll be going to Gen Con! I've played Dungeons and Dragons since I was 8 years old, and other games too. As I've gotten older and my interests have expanded, my love affair with Role-Playing Games is a bit on-again, off-again; but fantasy, games, and storytelling are a constant presence in my life. I've wanted to go to Gen Con since about 1982/83 when I first saw an ad for it in the back of (I think) my AD&D Player's Handbook, but for whatever reason I've never gotten round to it.

But now I have the perfect excuse.

"Vamp X," a short comedy-horror film I shot a few years ago - before leaving Texas - is being screened at the Gen Con Indy Film Festival (Indy as in Indianapolis, not indie as in movie). So I'm going. David Glenney, the man behind Vamp X has kindly hooked me up with a badge and so off I go to fulfill my childhood dream. Can you say Nerdgasm? You can find the full version of Vamp X on Vimeo, but I'll drop the trailer here for you to check out.

Vampire X Trailer from David Glenney on Vimeo.

I'll be there to check out some film making and writing panels, and, oh yeah, do some gaming. I may also drink a little and take photos of cosplayers. I'm very excited about this opportunity and I really owe some thanks to David Glenney for entering the film and for inviting me along. I owe you at least one beer, Dave, maybe two. 

Additionally, Vamp X is screening at the Indie Gathering Festival in Cleveland, OH that same weekend, and the Horrific Film Fest in San Antonio, TX later in August. It seems our little film is having quite the whirlwind tour - not that it doesn't deserve it; it's just coming as a pleasant surprise a few years after shooting it. Good work Mr. Glenney. Glad I was part of it.

Update (1/11/2013):

Looking back on this post and I thought I'd give it an update. I didn't make it to Gen Con for Vamp X, unfortunately because my stepfather passed away the week before. Well, perhaps I'll get a chance to go again someday, and go there just to game!

Also, turns out that after a round of Festivals, David Glenney decided to take down the trailer link and post the full short so the video above has been updated accordingly.