Give a Buck...

I seem destined to stay on the topic of crowd funding. Actually, it's not crowd funding in general that I want to write about write now; it's a specific project. A couple days after my last post about Kickstarter, I found this project and I think it's also worth supporting.
Net neutrality is a big issue facing us and the way that it plays out will determine our society's path forward in the 21st Century. It's a free speech issue. It's important to small business and enterpreneurship. It's incredibly important to the future of the entertainment industry, especially regarding streaming and video content. It's something that more people should be passionate about but for some reason it flies under a lot of people's radar. 
I feel passionate about it and that's why I think this is an important project to fund. And since this is something where numbers count, where the voices of the people count, I encourage people to contibute one dollar. As it says right on their Kickstarter page, "Just imagine what the impact of 27,000 $1.00 pledges would be..." 27,000 $1 pledges would be much more powerful than 1 $27,000 pledge. 
I've said that the smart money in crowd funding goes to kickstarter because of minimized risk. You can't have much less risk than a buck. So give a buck if you give a fuck about the future.