I Want to Believe... in the Invisible Camera

I listen to a lot of podcasts and read quite a few blogs. One podcast I've discovered recently is photographer Chris Marquardt's "Photography Tips From the Top Floor." One of my favorite things about this show is that until very recently it was called "Digital Photography Tips from the Top Floor," But the name was changed after the host recently rediscovered his love of analog photography. It's not just analog now, but Chris essentially acknowledges that the width of the photographic landscape can not be measured in megapixels.

For a couple weeks Chris has mentioned that he would soon be talking about a project of his, "The Invisible Camera." This was interesting because he had been also openly discussing a pinhole camera he was prototyping. To be honest I was just amazed and excited that a podcasting photographer was coming out with a product that wasn't an iPhone app. When he finally put up the web page and video discussing the Invisible Camera I was just blown away.

I instantly posted this on my facebook with a little stab at the "film is dead" people. I got a couple excited comments. Then the truth started to unfold. "I think this is an April Fools gag," one said. And then another sourced a quote from the Invisible Camera website indicating that applicants to the field test should check back on April 1st. And what a dunce I felt like. But then I said, "meh," and declared that I was happy to be part of the fun.

The science was a little wonky and I'd probably realize that if I'd scrutinized it a little more but, really, I'm not going to be ashamed of getting excited over a breakthrough in photographic technology, even if it was a prank. Honestly, I'm happy to be the kind of person who fell for it. I think it says something about me. The same way, when I read a book or watch a movie I often don't see things coming that other people said they knew were coming long before. And when they do come, I think I get so much more enjoyment from them. It's good to not be jaded.

And I feel even more vindicated in that spirit after having read Chris Marquardt's "reveal" on the Invisible Camera Website. "We did not do this to mock you. The Invisible Camera is our humble attempt to bring back wonder and amazement... If you believed in our story, congratulations on being an openminded individual who still can dream and be amazed. That is a wonderful ability to possess."

Good Joke Chris. I really appreciate the spirit of what you did, and even if my excitement was short-lived it was intense while it lasted. Happy April Fools Day.