After Effect Tricks in 1/52

 Part of modern film making at any level these days is visual effects. It might be something as spectacular as compositing explosions or as simple as logo replacement on a sign. Adobe After Effects has always been a part of my film making approach. I've often used it for color correction and titles, but I've also done a little bit of small compositing (for bigger jobs I rely on more talented individuals like my friend Jason Rutelege at Ghostcraft Visual Effects). Film is a great medium and to me, there's no reason why you should't employ digital effects even in as small a format as Super 8.

10 minutes in to shooting the first 52WP short I knew that I was going to have to call upon After Effects for a little of its magic.. I set the phone phone to show a time appropriate to the story (a few minutes before midnight on NYE); however time went on as I was setting up and I forgot to set it back. I noticed my mistake as I was shooting, but of course with one take there was no turning back and no re-shooting.

Fortunately this was a pretty easy fix. I just duplicated the footage, masked out the 2 on the top layer, moved the bottom layer so that the 1 filled in the hole, and animated the position of the bottom layer. Since it was a short clip I keyframed every frame. I was editing in Final Cut Pro, so I just exported a TIFF sequence from After Effects and dropped it in the appropriate spot in the timeline. It came out a little sketchy if you look at it frame by frame, but altogether it looks fine. Fortunately, the phone is a pretty bright light source and the screen turns out to not be very grainy, which helped.