The "House" Season Finale

I spent various parts of the day writing a blog entry about the big win for DSLR cinematography in the form of last night's episode of "House." Unfortunately, the deep ambivalence I feel for these cameras kept creeping through and destroying any coherency in the article. So instead of rambling through a long post, here's the takeaway:


  • The bar has officially been lowered in cinematography
  • That lowered bar is pretty good, but please people, aim higher
  • Overall the episode looked pretty good
  • Filmmakers spent 85% of the episode at reasonable DoF
  • The last 5 minutes looked ridiculous with the shallow focus
  • The bokeh sometimes looked like crap, especially during rack focus; the lenses they used were decent so I wonder if it has anything to do with image sampling.
  • Digital noise was more pleasant than I expected but not great
  • Small form factor of the cameras was good for the cramped location, but I don't know why they didn't opt for an A-minima or Ikonoskop, or Hell, even a prototype Epic (sure Jim would have been all over that) which would have looked better.
  • Kudos on the awesome use of primary colors in the art direction
  • Story was good, I wasn't distracted from it until the end
  • Overall, I grade it a B-

And there you go.