The Betty

It's been a while since I posted any news here. There's been a little here and there but mainly I've been doing two things: ramping up for the 52 Weeks Project and working on The Betty. The Betty is a (somewhat) short film I directed a couple years ago in Dallas with HateCity Pictures, my ongoing collaboration with Glenn Bailey. I've been working on it off and on since then and have finally come to a point with it where I'm comfortable sending it out to some film festivals for consideration. There's still some polishing to be done on it, but I have what can basically be considered a final cut. I'm not unleashing it upon the world just yet but I'm letting cast and crew take a first look at the work they did.

The Betty is a heist movie about a couple of misfit criminals who botch a job and continue to make their situation worse. It's a moderately comedic flick starring another long-time collaborator of mine, the perpetually funny Eric Rhoades. Pretty much the entire cast, myself included, came out of Dallas's R.E.A.C.T. actor's studio and did a wonderful job. The crew were amazing as well. This film was shot on weekends over the course of a year and a lot of people contributed to making it what it is.

The Betty is also the film that made me decide to pursue cinematography. While my friend Eric Gunter started off as our Director of Photography, the movie took over a year and in that time he got an irresistible job offer in Germany. A lot of people sat behind the camera after that but I pretty much had to step in, create the shots, set the lights, and when I wasn't in front of it, work the camera. It was the first material I ever shot that I was really proud of.

Any way there's a lot of history and love in this movie. I'll let the world see it soon, but for now I want to celebrate with my cast and crew the fact that we finally have a real movie to show for it.